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About Us


P.A. Medics has been trading as a training facilitator for six years. The directors of the company have 28 years of frontline experience. The most fundamental part of their experience is that of responding to 999 calls covering all types of real medical emergencies. All of our courses can be tailor made to customers needs regardless of their industry.

Our experience on the 999 front line over many years gives our training staff the underpinning knowledge to deliver all your required Health and Safety courses knowing first hand prevention is better than the cure.

All of our staff have been to and seen real life emergencies and are not just merely reading from books. We like to provide real life practical experience to prepare our clients as much as possible for real life occurrences. We want them to feel over prepared.

Additionally, we also do complete medical event cover using first aid technicians. These include: paramedics, nurses and firefighters. Using candidates with first hand experience from different domains within health and safety as well as medical domains, we can get a complete package for our clients and offer them the best value with relevant insight.


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