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AED Supplies

AED Supplies

Advanced life support can now be carried forward to the public, allowing not just emergency staff to help save lives, you can make the difference between life or death just by using the training and equipment we at P&A Medics supply, just take a few minutes to read the story below and make up your own mind on the importance of being trained in first aid and having the right equipment at hand.

The Zoll AED + is one of the most advanced AEDS on the market,

Take a look for yourself and follow the link.




PA MEDICS are proud to push forward this advanced life support into the real world, we train and supply one of the most advanced systems in the world with ZOLL UK , dont be caught out thinking this is a one off story take the time to research this product and how many lives have and will be saved in the use of AED s. for more information please express your interest in the contacts page and we will supply you with the full price and information pack, at this present time we can offer this product at a reduced rate..

Supply only £ 1,250 excluding p&p, please contact for more details, and get upto 6 persons trained, and the supply of the AED + from £ 1,350

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